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Actually, got loadssssss of hot stories. Well, can consider as hot. but figuring that no shame, make me believe of some mentality problem. People do good deeds, People do the bad deeds. After all, it defines the rooted and how it expanded. the brain, the body, the feeling and oh the heart. Hey, no point to story here but still i am so thankful and grateful for having umi and abah...and ofcoz my family. need not additional members. Sure! I am seriously sure. we are who we are. Not from the same rooted. but can consider under same generation? Oh stop it babe! I am thankful for what Allah has granted me. Umi and Abah is the most precious thing (person) in my life.

Since I was a kid, I have never seen them do bad things to people. They tot us the best they can. Even being fooled by people for so many times, they always take the positive part of it. Even, being treated bad by others for quite million of times, they ignored them all and still teaches us the most important life's aesthetic. RESPECT. And, they never put grudge on them. and never allow us too. Besides, when bad things happen, they taught us to take it as a reminder, just not to do the same thing to other people. Because trust me, they have a good heart. Yes true, they can't give us everything, but they already gave us the most precious shield and bullet to continue the journey where ever we are.

This is no rude, but sometimes I have to tell. Yes to tell, so that I can see more clearer, what's hidden. or why does that happen. oh stop it! Sunny always said, if he'd find who did that kerosin thingy or can also be considered as murder attempt, he wud give 50,000 for phsycology treatment. oh mai, i dunt have loads of money, but i can pass you to sunny. grrr.

Well, whatever you did, this entry is still posted with some respect. and never meant to hurt anybody. and yes, i have forgive you...because once promised to myself, that i will forgive people before go to sleep everyday.


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