two years ago

The feeling today is quite dull and sad. It is the last day of a colleague. I dont know why me felt this sad. Ohmai, just exactly the same feeling 2 years ago when i have to leave S.O.N.Y and to be exact that beloved friend. Yes, I need to continue my final year and finish my studies. But being there for nearly one year or to be exact 9 months it is quite a long time for me. For a baby, she might have learnt alot. From just know how to cry, she might can sit already. Great. I just dont know how to describe the feeling. Always it is me, mampu tersenyum sahaja....but deep inside, I feel sad. Being in the same company just like being a team. She helped me loads. Damn, we did not share loads of stories but I can tell from just look deep in her eyes. She bear loads of burden, doing the right thing, cleaning other's shitss, and always she got the blame. Yes, it is unfair, but truthful hurt. I wish I can take a guitar and dedicate a song to her when we were shaking hands this evening. Well, good for her. She got a great place though. Dealing with Oil & Gas would be a great platform. Just hope not to involve with that b*ibery thingy. =P 

Wish you all the best~!