There is no point to talk this people is bad, that people is not good…seriously no point at all. Unless if you have the intention to learn from it. From their mistakes, from their bad attitude, from their lacking. Because I always believe that I am perfect, very not. Nobody is perfect anyway! Hey, trust me, it is pointless to point people at fault. It is much better if we try to find the solution rather than brain storming who is at fault. Yes, it is very important to find the root cause of the problem. Why not? Well, important, very it is! For me, in order to get a solution of a problem, I have to know the root cause. The root cause can reflect to many kind of ways. Hey, do you know why people have to learn? And why they have to practice? Well, ask your own brilliant self!

Seriously I am not in a good mood at all. I can see who is struggling and who is presenting the play. This world is so mean and fair enough sometimes.

Anyway thanks to Niranjan for being my green tea stockist. I need green tea to neutralize my emotion. Oh ya!

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