22 June 2012

Today is a birthday for a friend. "Wishing you a very happy birthday, and have a good life"

Tapi, post kali ini takde kaitan pon dengan birthay itu.hehe

Actually, something had happened today. Well, it has been long time ago since I am hunting for the bus and taxi. I guess, last time was during foundation or first year in UTP, back in 2006. Yupp, last night cik siti already told me to let her know if I couldn't get the taxi. However, I just dont want to think more and I just really dont want to trouble her anymore. She's just so kind. I was like, whatever happen I can just make that quick thinking and action at that particular moment. Hey, till this morning I still did not get the taxi number from Safrina. I was about to get nervous already, but suddenly she called and give me the number. I tried to contact the taxi driver and he said there's nobody near to my place now, so "there's no taxi for me". Wah! I was ready and it is 9 already. The appointment was at 10am. The least I could think of was just follow my heart. I walked down the stairs and I could see that JMB's office was open. and yess! Ila was in there. Yes I know, it would be a shame for me to stay there for along time ady but I still din know how to go to the town with public transport. Ila said, it might be quite difficult for me to get the taxi straight away from here. What I could do was, I could take the bus with number 43 to the town and get the taxi there.

So, I walked to the bus stop where the bus stop located at the back of the apartment. Near to a restaurant that me and Siti always had dinner. And yess, I waited for the bus there. I just would not dare to look at the time because I knew I will be late already. wait and wait and wait, and the bus came. Got into that scary bus and one thing I could only think was, "Why they are so busy arguing, pointing fingers and wasting time, but they could not just care bout this?" The bus was soooooo old, creepy, stinky and not safety at all. Damn! Well, forget bout that. When I reached the town, I tried to get a taxi....and wallah! RM20 just to go to Selayang. Damn you! But, because it was late already I just say ok. As I reached Proton, straight away met Miss Chang, get the documents, and me and Mr. Asri straight away went to Puspakom Kepong. Yess! Another RM25. Patutla Miss Chang nak representative, kalau tak dorang yang kena bayar kot. Haih, again.

okeh such a long story.

Then, I was there for 1 hour and a half for my beloved car to be inspected. waiting for the result itself half an hour. and then went back to Selayang. On the way back to Selayang, a colleague called telling that there was a problem at the office and one of the machine could not be completed. Oh My, I really hope everything would be okay. But then, I was so worried. Seems like I have to go to the office later.

But, still I have to do some errands first. After settle everything with Miss Chang, I asked them to wash the engine. Well, thank you for doing it free. Suddenly I felt hungry, then I realized I haven't eat anything yet since morning. But, still I have to do something. I really want to send the car to the spa and do some cleaning. The "rework" thingy really make my car dirty. Seriously I cant stand looking at it. So, I brought the car to tint the windows and everything, then to the car wash. vacuum everything, then I felt relieved as everything was done. Even, it was not up to my expectation, still I felt relieved because things seems slowly come in place. 

I was so happy, yet still happy.

After come back home, me went out with the girlfriends and catching up. Wow! and get sleep at 1 am in the morning. Such a loooooong day!

p/s: I work hard to get the eyes open while making this kind of expression, because my eyes will get smaller when I smile too big.


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