Again, I cannot take it! Why? Why? In my very single day, I have never never never have the intention even at the size of baisilius, never intended to interrupt or to disturbs other’s life. Why? Why? Again….hmm I am human being, and I am not perfect. I never have the power to do everything on my own. That is why sometimes I need help. Some help from some people who are willing to help. Who have the big heart. Who is so kind. In my entire life, I have never ever feel like interrupting other’s life like whatever it is. I have my own life which I am putting the play right now. Hello! If you think I am taking something that is yours, then take it, keep it! I have never ever think to take it from you. Just one thing, don’t interrupt into my life. If he/she want to be in my life, then it would be a pleasure for me. And one more time I would like to say this, I did not take anything from you! If I did not disturb your life, (well, I don’t even think of it) then please stay away from my life! I have bigger mission, and vision that should be taken care of. There’s no point to think about this tiny little thing. Which is nothing at all~ bluergh

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