womb to tomb

Hi world! How have you been doing? I cant sleep last night. Thanks to backpain for helping me not to sleep the whole night. And i need all the courage to go to the first working day of the week. These few weeks, it has been rough and tough, but i take it as a challenge! That is life after all! Since the collision, i have been demotivated and almost forgot the important of it. Thanks to beloved family, love, and friends for keeping me on the ground and hold me tight. Thanks for the support and couraging words.

That short vacation really regenerative. Tuning up my head, and refreshing all the negative thoughts, really helps alot. Work can depress you loads and affects 60% of your life. That's why me need a vacation once in a while.or something that can cheer me up atleast.Me was so happy.

Anyway, life is a journey from a womb to the tomb after all. Good Luck!

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