one year

Hai, it is JULY....tomorrow would be one year anniversary for me. Oh My, this is the longest so far. The 4th. I have gone through good days, bad days, tough days, stupid days, and sheeetttt days. Well, that's the way I learn and become who am I today. But still, Sunny's expectation to me is too high. Even, I cant see myself as manager. Well, as coolie? yes!

Besides, wathejerkkk is almost coming back to normal. well, not 100 percents. Still frustrated with Proton. No offense.

Still, LIFE is worth living for if ....

Neway, kesian kat cik S today sbb have to tumpang somebody else untuk pergi kerja. Because am on leave today. I have to send Mr. G pergi airport. He is flying to Bali this time. Safe journey dear :)

Andddd......last week was awesome! Me brought Umi, Kakak, and G for a buffet dinner at Cinnamon Coffee House, One World Hotel. The foood, wallah! But, too many choices...don't know what to choose.