work versus family

wow...i can see the statistic. am able to make only one post per month. meaning Syafiqa is very busy. busy with work. haha kononnya la. anyway, glad that i have atleast this time now to update this old book. well, lotsa story to tell....but macam biasa lah. bila dah lepas jadi malas nk cerita. just, for things that I really face now is very very critical. The project is going to the end. hopefully. that 3 plants now are going to be finished soon. soooon...soooon...soooon please. am tired. but...have to start the othher bigger plant already. so boring...when i start to talk bout work right. haha kerja kerja kerja kerja...cik S mesti dah bosan hari-hari me bebel pasal kerja kan.

Neway, yesterday we celebrated ateh's and caary's birthday at Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, @ Bandar Baru Bangi. Well, those foods really2345678 not bad. wallah~!! and what a surprise, me got an advanced birthday present from G. My birthday would be a day before Hari Raya. and he will be going back to his kampung by Thursday lagi kan. So, no chance la to celebrate..neway, its okay...really thanks for the present. that would be more than enough already.

1 week left for Hari Raya...and Matahari is chasing me with the projects. Really dont have time to think bout other things. MP MP MP MP...tido pon mimpi MP. Bila nak panggil orang pon nak sebut MP. haih...that MPs really block my mind. nak tido pon tak senang.

Eh Hari Raya kan...this year we are not going back to Kelantan. Raya kat Putrajaya lagi la nampak gaya erkk. Raya dekat hutan batu, really no fun hokeh. :(

Thanks to Umi & Abah for the arrangement. Thank you Allah for having me this happy family :)


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