eid 2012

I hope it is still not too late to wish

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin.

But, for me....tak perlu tunggu hari raya je nak mintak maaf kan. If you ever commit any mistake, it is better to say sorry immediately. No harm trying to be good person kan.

Sorry and thanks always has its own magic.

Well, we are celebrating raya in Putrajaya this year. Nothing much different from previous years. Raya visits at Mak Long's house, Cik Yot's house, Cik Wang's house, Cik Arep's house and Pak Tam's house...and a week after raya barulah pergi rumah relatives yang lain...yang dah pulang from kampung. Open House lagi.

For us, raya ke4 dah takda tempat nak pergi kan. We decided to go to Sunway Pyramid & Lagoon. Hey, orang sibuk beraya, we all pergi have fun kat theme park. But for me, that would not be a problem. As long as we as family stay united, and we are always together. the place wont be a problem. as long as we are happy.

And for FT, Mahirah make the first open house after her marriage. Nasi Arab for the menu. and such an achievement for her. And for FT history, she is carrying a baby :) Tak lama lagi, all FTs akan jadi auntie...and, the due is next year.

Well, my tab is running out of battery. Will upload lotsa pics on the next entry yah!