nobody knows

Dear Diary,

Why I am facing such so much stress these days? Is there any room for me to get some relaxation and peacefulness. Without disturbance from the negative thoughts and negative ions? Negative environment and negative vibration? Why all these thing happen without prior notice? It's just happen! and me? as always...amazingly not under-control, naive and simply pretending. Look so tough and untouchable...but, I am so weak inside. Fighting silently, trying to prove that I can.

Hey, why the hell i care all bout this? nothing related to me. but still, it is affecting my life, my path and my concern. Should stop talking bout nonsense but still they bothering me. with the actions and superstar drama. Hahaha

Sometimes, it is funny to know something that people dont know that I know. What is that? Well, pretending like I know nothing why they act that way and just let them  be. But actually, I am super duper understand what is going on around here. That is the advantages you know about psikology, and philosophy  and social science plus life experiences. Oh my, but nobody knows.

Best Regard, P.


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