Next Step

It was an another remarkable thing in my life happened recently.

Yes, I have never declare officially anything about Syahmi in here. Actually he is somebody that I would love to spend the rest of my life with.

Well, I have known him since 2009 when I did my internship in Sony EMCS in Bangi as Engineer Trainee. So, we were in the same department but, kinda different division. He studied Manufacturing Engineering - Robotics and Automation in UTeM. Honestly, that was my first time knowing the existence of this university in Malaysia. During that time, I was assigned to do one kind of jig as for my internship purpose. Generally, I have the design and mechanically I was able to do it. And, when it comes to the electrical, it was a fail. Yes, I really have no idea about wiring and everything. So, Syahmi was assigned by my supervisor to help me in this case. And, there it begins the relationship.

Lets hold til here first.

Now, I am gonna talk bout what actually we have gone through this 4 years. We were just like best-friends. And we never do any things which were irrational. Yes, setiap kali jumpa aunties, semua akan tanya bila lagi? Jangan biar umi & abah tanggung dosa kamu. Cepat-cepat la....and so many other things. Sampai tahap, "jangan buat sesuatu yang akan menghantar parents kamu ke neraka". MasyaAllah...... Astaghfirullah. Fahamkah anda apa yang anda perkatakan ini?

Really I have no words to describe this. Yes, I kept quiet all this while because I really understand your concerns. And seriously, it is never wrong. It is just that, we really know what we are doing. As long as we did not do anything wrong, I believe cukup la hanya Allah yang tahu.

In order for him to get to know me, my parent's blessing is always number one. And, my parents know everything what we did. Cukupla dengan tomahan yang dilemparkan. Kami faham. One of the reason he is the one is also because of religion. InsyaAllah he can guide me. Cukuplah untuk dia menghormati orang tua-ku dan mendahulukan mereka daripada aku.

So, tak pernah terfikir nak explain, tapi ini adalah luahan hatiku yang kerdil. It's not that I want to delay the occasion. Seriously. Actually, dream age to get married is at 25 years old. And I never thought I will meet him earlier. Ofcourse, why 25? Because I want to work, earn some cash and give to umi&abah as much as I can afford. For me, it will never be enough. Sungguh besar jasa mereka membesarkan aku. Trust me. Sampai bila-bila pon it will never be enough. For example....nak bagi 500 sebulan pon rasa memang tak cukup berbanding jasa mereka. I don't mind if I don't have enough to save for myself. As long as I can give some to them. So, kenapa aku nak pentingkan diri sendiri? In fact, we did not do anything wrong pon. Keluar pon kalau 10 kali keluar, atleast 8 kali tu sebab family. Mesti ada je hal. Pernah 3 kali berturut-turut pegi lowyat sebab nak settle pasal komputer kat rumah. There will always be a reason for us to go out. Like seriously, I dont have to explain anything. Just to make people whom with bad perception to actually understand. And, he is the main guy in my Parent's Company. Without him, we are nothing. He could sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning to finish the design for the orders. This might be something that I should not spill out. Yes, we were taught to. Whatever people say, we were taught to keep quiet. Yes, diam tak semesti salah.

So, whatever it is, percayalah jodoh pertemuan itu di tangan Allah. Kita hanya merancang, dan Allah adalah sebaik-baik perancang. What do you think? Do you think it is very easy to maintain this relationship? Of course no. But, we try to be strong because what we want is bahagia sampai jannah. Trust me, dugaan after kahwin sure lagi besar. Hanya bersabar and percaya Allah sentiasa ada di sisi.

Well, baru nak sampai tajuk la kan....tajuk dia the next step. What is the remarkable thing?

Actually, slowly we are going to proceed with the next step. His parents wanted to meet me last weekend as they will come for 'merisik" later on. I was scared to death. I really hope, we got their blessings.

This to be continued.


What Actually Happens during Christmas Dinner

Well, actually I don't feel  like telling the story.

But, i do not know why the memory kept on playing around in my mind. There was a friend who really hurt me to death for every lies that she has thrown. 

Which she thought I was stupid enough to believe her bluff. Which, in actual I can read each and every of her step. Well, sometimes I don't like being me because I can read people.

So, she apologized to me on 3 days before the dinner. I thought she has repented and really feel sorry for everything that she has done. Too bad. It is only something to talk about.

Again she lied to me that night on Christmas Dinner. 

Trust me, I have forgiven her for million times.

My forgiveness is not with her this time. Trust me. and I am not as cheap as roti canai. Don't think you can buy my forgiveness by buying me roti canai for my breakfast. Trus me, i never touch it.

Trust me, i had enough.

Trust me this is the end.

Give yourself some space to repent, then come and talk to me.

Trust me.

Christmas Dinner 2013

Yo! Topic macam poyo je kan.?

Well, there's nothing much I can write here actually.

I wanted to tell stories about this dinner, but there was another thing which really distract me that night.

I really do not want to talk about that, but, do you think I was stupid enough to know that you are bluffing?

Gosh, stupid !

You just said sorry and again bluffing? Like seriously?

Well, I will never forget this.

Okay2...I know. I am calming down.

Not Always Right

Well, I know it has been nearly 3 months since my last update.

It is not that I do not want to blog anymore.

I am a thinker and sometimes a philosopher (okay, perasan kat sini weyy).

Well, I would love to question things "Why".

Which some times will annoy some people around me.

On top of that, I am afraid that my words might hurt or offend anybody.

Not all the time people will have the same ideology with us right.

So, not all the time people will agree with my words.

I am not saying that I am always right.

Yes, i am open to any discussion, its just that not all people are honest and comfortable to speak frank.

Whatever it is, I will try to keep up with this blog.

Well, I will also try my best not to use any offensive words.

Anyway, this is my blog. You are free to come & go.

In fact, I am no need to keep up with the URL paying thing....and I am free to write anything here.


Yes. The title is blank. but, this is not a blank post.

I purchased something.

Oh I shouldn't have!

Zzzz....gatal tangan kan.

Tougher than ever

It has been awhile since my last update to this blog. Hari Raya, Hari Merdeka, My Holidays...all posts stranded and I don't have much time these days.

Well, it is tough now. Tougher than ever. I can't get thru this alone. Everything falls at a time and I really dont have the courage to even stand up. All I got to do is follow the flow. Yes, for the time being. I really don't have much energy to think. 

Only God can help me. I swear.

Tanda-tanda kena racun

Story board ;

1 year back, A & B were watching tv. They were talking about things happened at the office that day.

A : Hey, I found C's blog. 
B : Oh really? How did you found it?
A : Yea, I was looking for any info regarding our company. Then, I bumped into that because she has written something, bla-bla.
B : Really? Interesting. Bla bla bla

Things change. Experiencing each other's life. Love, miss, and hurt each other.

1 year later, again A & B were watching tv. They were talking about things happened at the office that day. Updating each other. 

A : Hey, I found D's blog. 
B : Hey, stalker! 
A : Hey, no la. Do you wanna know how I found it? 

But, suddenly it turns to silent. 

Well, I really know where the 'stalker' word came from. The only person who would call me that is only E. The person who is afraid with his own shadow. 

Hahah! B, you know what? You can choose to be wiser or stupider along the year through. I don't mind to be called stalker because I always do that as a precaution to avoid my self from falling into the well of stupids. I don't simply called people stupid but, I called those who don't know to stand up for his or her own principle is stupid. 

Dear ones, you can live life to find love. Which lovers you require? Lover who bring you up, not bring you down. Up in the eyes of Allah, not in the eyes of society.

Dear ones, when you've found one...he's not everything is right. You don't need to copy everything from him. You should know what right is right. And, you should know your friend better than him.

Think! Not Tink 😉

Something to ponder.

Thanks, with Love, Diamond.


What comes to my mind?
Really aint sure. I just go and do it.
I haven't been doing that for over 2 years. And I forgot.
The nervous start to take control over myself.
Ahah...grouping some more.
Really don't know if I make it through or not. Can't really sure about that.
May there is still hope and second chance for me.
Yesterday it is.

Today, another battle that I went through.
Tougher I guess, and I can't really offer them enough some technical questions.
Well, I did not put the hope here much as the offer is less than normal expectation.

Again. Experience taught us.

May I did my best.

May Allah bless.

Best Regards, Syafiqa Misran

The End


Miliki Hari Ini

After sahur, was google-ing...and found this pic in my fotopages. hahah...this pic was edited when i first learnt photoshop.
Well, used to love editing pictures so much. addicted.
But now, seems i have not so much time for all that anymore.
Found a new hobby anyway. Guess what? Oh, my work is my hobby now.
Sometimes, a routine can be a hobby.

Once requested by friends. Some of my collection. Such an old-old story anyway.

Lets face what now is now. 2013. My life changed a lot. In so many ways. People comes and go. Only true friends will left the foot note. Yes, its true!

Yes, today is our 5th Ramadhan...and yesterday was having iftar with these FT girls. Really, it has been a while we did not catching up. Everybody is busy with own life. Well, life must go on Syafiqa! 

Thanks for being us!


Hi, salam...

I have a lot of things in my head.

Sampai tak terluah dah.

It has been so tough these 2 months. Yes, it has been 2 months.

Nothing can change this anymore.

I hope this is the best decision that I should take.

Yes, I know. This heart, it is so heavy. This mouth just cant stop saying harsh words. This head, just cant stop asking me "why?".

What's need to happen has happened. There's nothing I could do anymore.

I hope, I have done my best. The best that I could.

Thanks for listening.

Best Regards

Jom Update



Okay, memang dah tahap bosan gila today.

Jomlah update blog.

Lepas youtube, youtube lagi, dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi...

Join abah tgk movie.

Instagram dan youtube lagi..

Now, umi request buat cake..then ajak g evening walk plak.

Tgk mana yang jadi.


Have a nice day!

Voting day 5/5/2013

It has now become so boring. I am queueing up for the hot here.i know nobody.lost in my own world with my own thought.listening to my favorite songs.lucky i bring my has been 1hr plus since the registration. Its so hot here. Okay dah tak tau brape kali u-turn. Well, this is my first time.merasalah kan. When i was about to enter the school from outside, was so nervous.becoz both party were outside. "Ini kalilah" "lain kalilah". Well, from the rumors saying that there will be some riots here in putrajaya.thats what make me scared more. Hey, whomever am voting for.please, its my vote! Its my, shoo-ooh.

Talking about responsibility, i am about to take it. For the sake of country.nation.and my future generation. Talking bout responsibility, i hv alot a muslim, as a daughter, as a sister, as a family member, as a lover, as a staff, as friend and alot more.

#bukan kali pertama dikhianati, i know i am strong! May Allah bless

Lama Sudah

Ouh, rupanya...dah lama sangat tak bukak blog.

Today, bila bukak baru terasa, rupanya dah lama sangat tak blog-walking. Banyak jugak cerita-cerita manarik yg terlepas baca. Malah, dah ada yang tukar layout pon.

Dah banyak sangat yang tertangguh untuk diceritakan, so nk cerita apa pon dah tak tau.

Its okay, nanti adalah tu cerita.

It's just that, I am glad to always have this girl with me besides my family and my love.

Okay Bye.