Voting day 5/5/2013

It has now become so boring. I am queueing up for the hot here.i know nobody.lost in my own world with my own thought.listening to my favorite songs.lucky i bring my has been 1hr plus since the registration. Its so hot here. Okay dah tak tau brape kali u-turn. Well, this is my first time.merasalah kan. When i was about to enter the school from outside, was so nervous.becoz both party were outside. "Ini kalilah" "lain kalilah". Well, from the rumors saying that there will be some riots here in putrajaya.thats what make me scared more. Hey, whomever am voting for.please, its my vote! Its my, shoo-ooh.

Talking about responsibility, i am about to take it. For the sake of country.nation.and my future generation. Talking bout responsibility, i hv alot a muslim, as a daughter, as a sister, as a family member, as a lover, as a staff, as friend and alot more.

#bukan kali pertama dikhianati, i know i am strong! May Allah bless