Tanda-tanda kena racun

Story board ;

1 year back, A & B were watching tv. They were talking about things happened at the office that day.

A : Hey, I found C's blog. 
B : Oh really? How did you found it?
A : Yea, I was looking for any info regarding our company. Then, I bumped into that because she has written something, bla-bla.
B : Really? Interesting. Bla bla bla

Things change. Experiencing each other's life. Love, miss, and hurt each other.

1 year later, again A & B were watching tv. They were talking about things happened at the office that day. Updating each other. 

A : Hey, I found D's blog. 
B : Hey, stalker! 
A : Hey, no la. Do you wanna know how I found it? 

But, suddenly it turns to silent. 

Well, I really know where the 'stalker' word came from. The only person who would call me that is only E. The person who is afraid with his own shadow. 

Hahah! B, you know what? You can choose to be wiser or stupider along the year through. I don't mind to be called stalker because I always do that as a precaution to avoid my self from falling into the well of stupids. I don't simply called people stupid but, I called those who don't know to stand up for his or her own principle is stupid. 

Dear ones, you can live life to find love. Which lovers you require? Lover who bring you up, not bring you down. Up in the eyes of Allah, not in the eyes of society.

Dear ones, when you've found one...he's not everything is right. You don't need to copy everything from him. You should know what right is right. And, you should know your friend better than him.

Think! Not Tink 😉

Something to ponder.

Thanks, with Love, Diamond.


What comes to my mind?
Really aint sure. I just go and do it.
I haven't been doing that for over 2 years. And I forgot.
The nervous start to take control over myself.
Ahah...grouping some more.
Really don't know if I make it through or not. Can't really sure about that.
May there is still hope and second chance for me.
Yesterday it is.

Today, another battle that I went through.
Tougher I guess, and I can't really offer them enough some technical questions.
Well, I did not put the hope here much as the offer is less than normal expectation.

Again. Experience taught us.

May I did my best.

May Allah bless.

Best Regards, Syafiqa Misran

The End


Miliki Hari Ini

After sahur, was google-ing...and found this pic in my fotopages. hahah...this pic was edited when i first learnt photoshop.
Well, used to love editing pictures so much. addicted.
But now, seems i have not so much time for all that anymore.
Found a new hobby anyway. Guess what? Oh, my work is my hobby now.
Sometimes, a routine can be a hobby.

Once requested by friends. Some of my collection. Such an old-old story anyway.

Lets face what now is now. 2013. My life changed a lot. In so many ways. People comes and go. Only true friends will left the foot note. Yes, its true!

Yes, today is our 5th Ramadhan...and yesterday was having iftar with these FT girls. Really, it has been a while we did not catching up. Everybody is busy with own life. Well, life must go on Syafiqa! 

Thanks for being us!


Hi, salam...

I have a lot of things in my head.

Sampai tak terluah dah.

It has been so tough these 2 months. Yes, it has been 2 months.

Nothing can change this anymore.

I hope this is the best decision that I should take.

Yes, I know. This heart, it is so heavy. This mouth just cant stop saying harsh words. This head, just cant stop asking me "why?".

What's need to happen has happened. There's nothing I could do anymore.

I hope, I have done my best. The best that I could.

Thanks for listening.

Best Regards