Miliki Hari Ini

After sahur, was google-ing...and found this pic in my fotopages. hahah...this pic was edited when i first learnt photoshop.
Well, used to love editing pictures so much. addicted.
But now, seems i have not so much time for all that anymore.
Found a new hobby anyway. Guess what? Oh, my work is my hobby now.
Sometimes, a routine can be a hobby.

Once requested by friends. Some of my collection. Such an old-old story anyway.

Lets face what now is now. 2013. My life changed a lot. In so many ways. People comes and go. Only true friends will left the foot note. Yes, its true!

Yes, today is our 5th Ramadhan...and yesterday was having iftar with these FT girls. Really, it has been a while we did not catching up. Everybody is busy with own life. Well, life must go on Syafiqa! 

Thanks for being us!


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