Tanda-tanda kena racun

Story board ;

1 year back, A & B were watching tv. They were talking about things happened at the office that day.

A : Hey, I found C's blog. 
B : Oh really? How did you found it?
A : Yea, I was looking for any info regarding our company. Then, I bumped into that because she has written something, bla-bla.
B : Really? Interesting. Bla bla bla

Things change. Experiencing each other's life. Love, miss, and hurt each other.

1 year later, again A & B were watching tv. They were talking about things happened at the office that day. Updating each other. 

A : Hey, I found D's blog. 
B : Hey, stalker! 
A : Hey, no la. Do you wanna know how I found it? 

But, suddenly it turns to silent. 

Well, I really know where the 'stalker' word came from. The only person who would call me that is only E. The person who is afraid with his own shadow. 

Hahah! B, you know what? You can choose to be wiser or stupider along the year through. I don't mind to be called stalker because I always do that as a precaution to avoid my self from falling into the well of stupids. I don't simply called people stupid but, I called those who don't know to stand up for his or her own principle is stupid. 

Dear ones, you can live life to find love. Which lovers you require? Lover who bring you up, not bring you down. Up in the eyes of Allah, not in the eyes of society.

Dear ones, when you've found one...he's not everything is right. You don't need to copy everything from him. You should know what right is right. And, you should know your friend better than him.

Think! Not Tink 😉

Something to ponder.

Thanks, with Love, Diamond.


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