Not Always Right

Well, I know it has been nearly 3 months since my last update.

It is not that I do not want to blog anymore.

I am a thinker and sometimes a philosopher (okay, perasan kat sini weyy).

Well, I would love to question things "Why".

Which some times will annoy some people around me.

On top of that, I am afraid that my words might hurt or offend anybody.

Not all the time people will have the same ideology with us right.

So, not all the time people will agree with my words.

I am not saying that I am always right.

Yes, i am open to any discussion, its just that not all people are honest and comfortable to speak frank.

Whatever it is, I will try to keep up with this blog.

Well, I will also try my best not to use any offensive words.

Anyway, this is my blog. You are free to come & go.

In fact, I am no need to keep up with the URL paying thing....and I am free to write anything here.


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