What Actually Happens during Christmas Dinner

Well, actually I don't feel  like telling the story.

But, i do not know why the memory kept on playing around in my mind. There was a friend who really hurt me to death for every lies that she has thrown. 

Which she thought I was stupid enough to believe her bluff. Which, in actual I can read each and every of her step. Well, sometimes I don't like being me because I can read people.

So, she apologized to me on 3 days before the dinner. I thought she has repented and really feel sorry for everything that she has done. Too bad. It is only something to talk about.

Again she lied to me that night on Christmas Dinner. 

Trust me, I have forgiven her for million times.

My forgiveness is not with her this time. Trust me. and I am not as cheap as roti canai. Don't think you can buy my forgiveness by buying me roti canai for my breakfast. Trus me, i never touch it.

Trust me, i had enough.

Trust me this is the end.

Give yourself some space to repent, then come and talk to me.

Trust me.


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