2014 Resolution ?

Actually, I am about to write something today.

But, suddenly my eyes caught something.... ! 302views? Like seriously?

Well, its not harmful. But, I was surprised.

If I was harsh, I am sorry. I did not mean to hurt anybody.

Sometimes, if we keep something for too long. It will rotten inside.

Anyway, talking about this.

Welcome 2014 !

Thanks 2013. It was really great. Last Year, really taught me a lot of things. I really learnt my lesson. InsyaAllah, I will learn a lot more this year and try to be tougher and stronger. Knowing a person who is frank and honest is far better than knowing a person who just act to be nice but actually...zzzZZ

Well, I do not want to talk much about this because I remembered one thing...

"jangan ingat diri tu baik sangat hanya kerana Allah tidak membuka aib kita"

My point is, I am not saying she is bad and I am good. But, it's just that, selagi boleh simpan, cuba kita simpan. Sementara itu, ingat yang kita juga hamba Allah yang lemah.

But, what I learnt the most is, "jangan buat benda yang sama. That's all."

2014 Resolution?

I have nothing in mind right now. Because there are a lot of things I have to do right now. I was thinking about jumping up again. Well, let see how it goes. For me, whenever I want to improve something about myself, I don't have to wait till new year. Like last year, there were 2 main thing which I trained myself to change to.

1. Do not show that you have personal problems on your face whenever you are at the office. Well, I manage to win this. Compared to 2012, when I have some personal issue, most of my colleagues will ask me out, what happen to you? Why you look so sad or bad mood. Well, through out the year, I manage to change this. In fact, there was one saying, " I nampak you happy je, I know you are happy without me right?" Well, I was smiling, cheering myself up, but only Allah knows what's inside.

2. Everything looks good from outside. Such a ripe fruit. Such a perfect creation. But, when you keep it and thought it is the best, eventually it turn out to be rotten and wormy inside. Just remember, rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain.

Well, when I have something related to resolution, will update again in here.

May this year bring more joy & happiness into my life !

May everything goes well !

May Allah bless each step that we take !


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