Enough is Enough

Dear Together,

Since small, I have been watching these non-stop drama. Even, my parents never mentioned about this. I am not stupid enough to not to know. I know, they bear a lot of things from these drama. And I could not bear seeing them being unhappy. What you guys trying to do? Acted so kind in front of us and at the same time throwing such a lot of ‘fitnah’ to my parents. Not only them, to “us” (my siblings) as well. What have they done to you guys? What have we done to you? I could not understand. Because, since we were small, we only keep growing, living our own life. But, these kind of people never stop doing this kind of thing. Acted so religious. But, they themselves throwing ‘fitnah’. Can’t we just let bygone be bygone? My parents never teach us to be rude with you guys. But, you guys keep pushing us to the limit. Belittle my parents, and said unnecessary things. Till when are we going to keep quiet and just let things happen? Until death do us apart? You have been so rude to my parents in front of me and my siblings. You have never respected them as how we were taught to respect you? So, until when you want us to keep quiet? We learnt all these things from you. Do not blame my parents. They taught us well. They never taught us to be rude with you guys. But, you never keep your attitude on the ground. What do you expect? When you guys do this kind of thing, they always keep quiet and be patient even things you said were untrue. They let things go because they appreciate you guys. But, until when???

I know, my parents will wreck me for writing this. But, I am not as patient as them.

Sorry for being unkind and insensitive.