Next Phase is Coming Soon

So, my last post was since Ramadhan?

Well, lets skip the Hari Raya's stories.....because there were a lot ! And I dont want to recite any of those stories. Malas ! Kalau dah malas memang tiada ubatnya....okay. Fine, malas bersebab dimaafkan.

What I wanna tell here that my bff has married during the 4th day of Syawal...will update the photos once I get those from her.

Anyway, lets talk about current stuffs. I will be making a move in the couple of months. Well, hopefully this is the right decision that I have made. It is not an easy one. Hence, it was not easy to win this opportunity. May Allah bless one of the big steps in my life. Looking forward to the upcoming new challenges.

Good Luck Syafiqa !