Half full or Half Empty?


Two weeks has passed.

It was not so composed. I believe this is not something that I have expected earlier.

Maybe just not my thing. I have tried to jump in this environment last time. And I found out that it was not my interest at all. I did not know what makes me made this decision this time.

Of course I have my own reason. Its just does not seem parallel now.

Maybe, this is so not my thing.

Syafiqa, give yourself a chance. Give yourself some times.

Gimme some times. Let see how it goes.

May Allah show me His guidance.

Thanks you Allah for your never ending loves.

I am sorry that sometimes I forgot that I have you.

My shame.


I believe, everyday is a brand new day. We should not let the fear of yesterday becomes the shadow of today. As one once told me, "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game".

Tomorrow will be another chapter in my Life. This is my turning point for this year's mission and vision. I still remember the promised that I have made to myself. "Anjakan Paradigma for 2014 is highly required". Now the time has come. I am finally on the ground, awaiting for tomorrow's first day as I will start hiking the new mountain. Another mountain which has never guaranteed me that it would be better, smoother or even easier than previous mountain.

As Syafiqa is somebody who loves challenges really can't wait what tomorrow could bring for her. (In fact, I am very nervous now as I really have no idea what to expect.)

Gambate Syafiqa !

p/s: Japan.US.Local.German.Local...what's next? 0.o

Goodnyte. xoxo. Syafiqa.