Second Trimester

Referring to my second trimester of pregnancy...

I dah kurang loya or muntah-muntah. Seriously. And I was really careful on the food that I am taking. Kalau tersilap amik food yang angin nanti jenuh la tak boleh tido. Kesian husband jadi mangsa nk kene urut... Since then, sangat berhati-hati bila makan apa-apa sahaja. Gastric pon macam nak datang balik...dah lama pon tak gastric.

Bila dah second trimester ni makin kuat pulak selera makan. Baru lepas makan, lapar lagi...makan je kerja. Kat office ni macam-macam stok makanan ada. Kalau time makan memang suka order jus buah. Pastu suka sangat makan buah. Tak kira buah apa. Especially buah jambu. Setiap kali balik perak mesti singgah tapah untuk beli jambu. Then, kalau time lunch tu sanggup keluar panas-panas semata-mata nak beli buah.

Time ni jadi rajin masak balik. Sebab letih loya and muntah tu dah takde. So, rajin la update resepi nyer.

Kebetulan yang tak best is, sekarang ni haze plak. Negara jiran ni memang tak de belas kasihan sungguh. & Selfish. Dah ada kes kematian pon, tapi takda apa yang dibuat. Cuaca panas toksah cakap la. Tido malam tu mesti tak tahan panas. Sampai both of us dah kene demam sebab tak tahan dengan cuaca yang tak menentu ni.

Dah la tu, kene naik van.

Yang paling best, memang malas gila nak bangun pagi pergi kerja. Nasib baik la this co tak too strict. Paling lambat boleh sampai is 9.30am. And bos pon paham. Siap pesan takmo kita stress-stress. Even pernah kene panggil masuk bilik dia dapat ceramah free sebab colleague punya kerja.

Adeh. Stress kerja. Bukan stress sebab kerja banyak or tak dapat siap kerja. Tapi stress kene marah ngan boss sebab kerja orang lain yang tak efficient. As both in mechanical team, kenalah tadah sekali. Sebab bos ni kalau the other person tu takde mesti dy nak gelabah.

Moment yang paling best bila dapat first kick daripada baby. Rasa happy and tertunggu-tunggu plak.

Pasal gender baby mmg kitaorg tak kisah, so memang tak eager nak check pon. Husband always said asalkan baby sihat.

Itulah kisah second trimester. Next strory pasal third trimester lak.

First Trimester - Pregnancy Alert

It has been more than a week late for my menstruation. Which it is normally following to the schedule. I have downloaded an apps in my smart phone named Clue. It will show you your current cycle status. Easy & Straightforward to use.

Yes it was! It was one good news! I am pregnant! Wow, I can't believe it! Actually, I wasn't ready yet for this. It was terrific though. I do not know how to react to this news. After 2 weeks late for the period, we decided to get the pregnancy test and checked the result. and true it is! and I cried.

The symptom?

1. Period Cycle - Late
2. Overly emotional
3. Instinct

Everybody know about the period cycle. However, the change of weather, eating habit and also emotionally unstable (pressure) also can effect the period cycle. However, the "overly emotional" or being sensitive is something that was over the limit and hard to explain. During that time, I was overly sensitive even over something usual. I cried the whole week even on regular issue. I even cried when husband get home and did not lock the door straightaway when he entered the house. Which actually he can even do that later.

Well, this is "something" that i told just now. It is just something that you could not explain.

However, my first trimester is not that hard. I believe there are a lot more challenging to some other people. Morning sickness? Yes! It was uncontrollable. In fact, I will vomit not only in the morning. It could be in the afternoon or night. My gastric sort of coming back. I can't eat late, I can't eat too little or too much. and alot of other things happened. 

Different people, of course different experiences. 

Kerek Part 2

Continue from here...

So, dah abes bincang tu then she said the term & conditions. Bla-bla-bla....

Then, we asked her regarding the booking fee. We asked if we can pay RM200 for the booking fee. Well, we wanted to book the house, but she did not bring any receipt. Unless, kalau boleh transfer online, atleast kita ada prove of payment. And this lady pon takde bawak business card. Kalau kitaorg kene tipu tak ke nanya..dah la banyak lagi duit nak kene pakai. She made the surprise look! Okay, and her face drop. Pastu tetiba dy nak call off the deal dengan muka kerek nya.

Yang si advertiser tu try to discuss lagi. She said, "Madam, we are still in the negotiation stage. It is not that they can only pay RM200, they can pay more but they will transfer through online banking." We nodded, tanda setuju. Then, the landlord still bertegas, sorry the deal is off!

We were surprise but my Husband still wanted to know why. That landlord answered "Nothing, it is because of the second opinion. I actually share this house with my sister." Well, to us, we were not satisfied with the answer. So, my Husband asked again. Is it because of the booking fee? She answered yes, it is. So, to us, kalau kau taknak bagi sewa, takpelah, kitaorg 10 kali ganda taknak! Well, it is not that we dont have money. Kitaorg just rasa tak secure. Resit pon tak bawak. Pastu nk kitaorg bagi RM1000 just like that. Kau Gila!!

Well, at early stage we tried to explain that you lost nothing if we pay only RM200. Because for us, kalau dy tipu kitaorg, kitaorg lah yang rugi kan.

Well....the Deal is OFF. Kami pon taknak landlord yang kerek macam ni. Nasib baik dah tahu perangai dy awal.

the Deal is OFF!

Kerek Part 1

Tersebutlah kisah, kene cari rumah sewa!
Cari punya cari, macam-macam rumah dah view. Then, terjumpa satu rumah ni kat Bukit Rimau, Randa Apartment. When I first called the advertiser, and to set the appointment, the advertiser said, the house was actually not her house. It’s her friend’s house. From the conversation, I can tell that she is a very friendly lady. Thus, we set up an appointment to view the house.
Bila dah set up meeting, tetiba plak that girl tak dapat datang. And, she sent her mom to show us around. Okay, takpe, kami still cuba positive coz that auntie was a very nice lady. So, after viewed the house, we decided to rent the house and I gave that girl a call. It was a deal that we want to seal asap, as the time that we have from the current landlord is 3 weeks left. And so, she said she will set up an appointment together with the owner since she wants to know and speak to the future tenant. Sort of another stage is required in order to seal the deal. I was like…huh? 0.o
3 days later, we met at the Mc Donald Kota Kemuning, which is near to the apartment. Well, at first we had this questions mark in our head. Kenapa tak jumpa kat rumah tu je kan senang! It was on Wednesday evening. Promised time 7.30pm since it was a working day. When we arrived at the Mc Donald at 7.28pm that girl was already there waited for us and the owner (her friend). Oh ya, actually the true story was she (that girl) was the previous tenant of the house. That is why she was helping that owner looking for the new tenant. I am not sure about the whole story. Maybe there’s a deal between them. And so, we waited for the owner at the Mc Donald and she arrived there at 8.00pm. Well, well, well, we were surprised! When she arrived, took her seat and her first question to my husband was,” what is your occupation?”
Here goes the conversation;
My husband answered her calmly. “I am an engineer, and my wife also an engineer.”
The owner : Oh really? I am also an engineer. What type of engineer are you?
My Husband : I am a Firmware Engineer.
The Owner (with a confused face) : erm…what is that?
My Husband explained further and she still doesn’t get it.
The Owner : What is the company name?
My Husband : Devices World
The Owner : What did they do?
My Husband : iSCADA
The Owner : Oh ya, is it for oil & gas industry?
My Husband : No. Currently we are focusing on general industry.

The Owner made a face. And start to ask me questions as well. Well, don’t you guys think this is sort of “interview session”.? Kerek plak aku rase amoi ni.

Then, she started asking me questions, similar to the questions that she asked my husband. 
The Owner : Where do you work?
Me : I am working in a company which is doing the construction for oil & gas industry.
The Owner : Okay, what is the turn key project of the company?
Me : Huh? 0.o (I was surprised that she is asking me this kind of question actually).
The Owner : What are the projects of the year?
Me : Well, we did a lot. Lemongrass, LEKAS, Tembikai, and so on so on…..
The Owner : Actually I am also from Oil & Gas industry. What is your company name?
Me : Muhibbah

The Owner : (shocked and lean on the chair). Oh ! Muhibbah…I am from ABC (which I don’t really get her company name). Can I have your business card? (she’s asking us both). We are actually the valve supplier in Oil & Gas sector. Well, we did quote our product in F12 project.

Me : Oh well, I think we can keep the formal meeting at the office. You can come to the office and we talk about product.
The Owner : Actually I am a Purchasing Manger, I will ask my engineer to drop by Muhibbah.

Dalam hati aku cakap…tadi cakap dia ni engineer. Skang ni dah jadi Purchaser plak. Dishonesty spotted! Dah la kerek nak “interview” macam apa je.

Bla bla  bla…the conversation keep on going.

Then she said, regarding the house to be rented, actually I did not bring anything today. I did not bring the receipt or anything.
To be continued....

Moving Out

It is nearly 6 months renting the house here in Seksyen 32, Shah Alam. We never thought that it would be this early. I thought there is still some time for us to stay, atleast after the confinement day. It was the first house that we have stayed together after getting married. Of course a lot of things had happened. Like how we really struggle these half a year.

Well, the house that we stayed now is a double-storey house with 3 rooms, and 4 bathrooms. Its not really a great house, but we are always grateful. Where else to get a house below than 1k this time around in Shah Alam. Itu pon dah ade org terkejut when I said the rent is 1k per month.

The landlord came to see us and told us that the house has been sold. An agent had helped them. The bank value of the house is actually only 220k approximately, but the agent manage to sell the house for 370k. Other than that, the buyer never come to really view the house. Which I believe, he has to do a lot of renovation if he is going to stay there.

Well, the landlord once offered to us the house with 400k. Memang tak lah aku nak beli kan! With that house condition, tengok pon tahu harga 200k plus. Tak logik langsung nak jual 400k. The new buyer is very odd, he did not even view the house.

Whatever it is, we have to move out by end of this month. Which is I believe this landlord is very cruel!

May not the same thing happen to their kids in the future.


Generasi Y?

Teringat suatu ketika dulu. Pernah attend satu sesi interview dengan one big company. Yes big. For the post of LPG Territory Manager. Sounds promising. Bile dah confirm, after 6 month probation, I can work from home. But, the job scope is not really my interest. So there it goes.

Well, during the interview session…the interviewer told me one thing that I still remember till now.

“Generasi Y love to hop on hop off”

Interviewer tu maksudkan yang Generasi Y ni suka tukar-tukar kerja. Sebab tu dorang quite doubtful to hire Generasi Y.

Betul ke statement tu?

Well, I don’t have the answer. But, it does hit on me.

Apa itu Generasi Y?

Kepada sesiapa yang mungkin tak berapa tahu apa itu Generasi X, Y, Z…Here’s some explanation yang saya copy paste dari web ni. => Blog Rasmi JabatanPerancangan Bandar

1. Pre-Baby Boom (lahir pada 1945 dan sebelumnya)
2. The Baby Boom (lahir antara 1946 – 1964)
3. The Baby Bust (lahir antara 1965 – 1976) – Generasi X
4. The Echo of the Baby Boom (lahir antara 1977 – 1997) – Generasi Y
5. Generation Net (lahir antara 1998 hingga kini) – Generasi Z
6. Generation Alpha (lahir pada 2010) – Generasi A
1. Pre Baby Boom
Generasi Pre Baby Boom lahir pada tahun 1945 dan tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Billings dan Kowalski menganggap generasi ini sebagai adaptive. Mereka mudah menerima dan menyesuaikan diri dengan keadaan semasa. Generasi ini dianggap “orang lama” yang mempunyai banyak pengalaman kerana telah lama hidup.
2. The Baby Boom (lahir antara 1946 – 1964)
Generasi The Baby Boom adalah generasi yang lahir antara tahun 1946 hingga 1964. Istilah “Baby Boom” ataupun “Baby Boomers” digunakan Don Tapscott merujuk pada kadar kelahiran yang tinggi selepas Perang Dunia Kedua. Sewaktu peperangan, ramai pasangan menangguhkan kelahiran disebabkan faktor kesusahan semasa perang. Mereka adalah kelompok generasi yang idealis. Generasi ini hidup berdikari dan tidak lagi terlalu bergantung kepada keluarga. Mereka mementingkan kerjaya atau pekerjaan “The baby boom” adalah generasi penyiaran (broadcasting). TV, radio dan akhbar mempengaruhi keputusan mereka.
3. The Baby Bust (lahir antara 1965 – 1976) – Gen X
Selepas era “The Baby Boom”, kadar kelahiran di Amerika Syarikat turun dengan mendadak. Terma “The Baby Bust”, istilah yang sering dipakai ialah “Generation X”, mengambil tajuk novel Douglas Coupland. “X” merujuk kepada kumpulan yang terpinggir dalam masyarakat walaupun mereka mendapat pendidikan yang lebih baik berbanding “The Baby Boom”. Gen X ialah generasi internet. Generasi X menganggap internet sebagai media yang tidak memerlukan kepakaran (nonspecialist media). Sesiapa saja boleh gunakan internet dan melahirkan pandangan mereka.
4. The Echo of the Baby Boom (lahir antara 1977 – 1997) – Gen Y
Ini dikenali sebagai Gen Y. Salah satu faktor mengapa “Net Gen” kekal agak lama ialah wanita pada ketika ini memilih untuk berkeluarga dan melahirkan anak pada usia yang agak lewat, iaitu 30an atau 40an.
5. Generation Net (lahir antara 1998 hingga sekarang) – Gen Z
Mereka juga dikenali sebagai Gen Z. Umur mereka yang paling tua sekarang ialah dalam lingkungan 12 tahun, celik IT dan terdedah kepada teknologi maklumat dan internet seawal usia bayi lagi.
Lagi maklumat lanjut ley refer kat web tu.

Tight Cashflow - How to make use of your house so that it will pay the rental by itself?

Right now, I am thinking...thinking...and thinking.

How to double up my income by not only relying on my current wages.

Well, we have the answer. Business. Sabda Nabi Muhammad s.a.w "9 dari 10 pintu rezeki itu adalah perdagangan".

My problem here is that, we don't really have the idea what to start with. What kinda business should we go for.

Brainstorming. Brainstorming.

Well, I guess from the subject itself people would understand why I need extra income.

It is normal for the newly wed who wanted to start up a new life and really fighting with the expensese over budget. Different case for those who is already have kinda saving since your are born (coz your parents have everything for you).

Dont get me wrong. I dont blame parents in this kinda situation. Different background, different kinda style.

So, I surf and surf and surf and came across with this page which kinda giving me few options.

Idea 1
Both ideas had quite similar things. Well, I know few steps in order to start this over with :-

1. Narrow down your target (ideas)
2. Study on your neighbourhood lifestyle - does it provide pool of attraction if you start over with this or that
3. Study on your capability - enggage with the requirement
4. Create a strategic marketing plan
5. Start with P&P (publication & promotion)
6. Random shoot - target on the potential customers
7. Maintain & Improvise

Theoretically, I know this can somehow work. But, when there is no risk taker, then no gain.

Back to the question, what kinda business??

She Own A House

Its a big achievement! I am so PROUD of her. She achieved another big milestone in her life.

Yes, my sister bought her own house at the age of 28. So, during the last weekend, we went to Melaka to help her out on the moving stuffs. We helped her to clean up the new bought house, and rearrange stuffs. Then, we went to her previous rented house to collect things and move them to the new house. Its a big house I can say. To live alone. For the time being anyway. Well, its a good investement, which I have not yet able to achieve.

It is somehow another family gathering for our family.

Family Potrait 22/3/2015

The Beginning of New Life

Another new chapter has begun. Last Saturday, we went to the house to clean it up. However, a lot of things need to clean up. I can’t imagine how the previous tenant could stay in this kind of condition. It was very dirty, dusty and disgusting. We almost took back our deposit. Well, the owner itself not that good in negotiating. We have to give quite a lot of effort to that house before moving in. In fact, we still have few things that we need to replace or repair.

On Sunday, we moved all the stuffs from Cheras (obviously my husband’s stuffs) and all the stuffs from Rawang (obviously my stuffs) into that house. It was 1 trip from Cheras, and two trips from Rawang. It was really tiring.

So, on the 4th March, we started staying in the house. We went there around 11.30pm after Abah had come back from work. We just could not start anything yet as it was already late and we were tired. Then, on the next day, we started to unpack and re-assemble some stuffs. I started with cleaning up the toilet again. I was not really satisfied even we have cleaned that up on last Saturday.

So, this is it. How our life in Shah Alam has now begun. We may not forget this for the rest of our life.



Mission accomplished!

We have finally achieved our mission which we have been looking forward since 9/1/2009. We have been thru thick and thin together. Macam-macam dugaan sudah kami hadapi. In fact, malam wedding tu pon masih diduga. Alhamdulillah...we manage to face them all.

I know there are a lot more that we need to face and learn through out this life and the upcoming new chapters.

InsyaAllah, Allah will always be with us.

May Allah bless this marriage. And may Allah always grant us happiness.

Thank You Allah.

Stupid Monkey

The previous post was actually being kept in the entry for quite long.  I don’t have the desire to complete it and publish. It was due to the busyness… and I don’t really feel like doing so. Well, it is now less than a month counting to the special day.

Well, I paid a visit to my former company last week. I met them purposely to invite them to my becoming big day. And I was not so happy when I heard the not so good story.
This is due to the eagerness in one of my colleague whom really can’t understand what had happen to me and the other colleague. Let put their initial so that it won’t confuse you throughout the entry.
The eager colleague: A
The other colleague: S

To speak the truth, it was a long story. And I seem to not able to reveal everything to A since this has relation to somebody’s dignity.
The not so good story I heard that, S being telling people that we were no longer in a good term because I seems do not agree with her relationship with her boyfriend. This is such a killing statement. FYI, I don’t give f*cking care with whom you want to be with!
To keep your fault to yourself (to look innocent) and throwing the ball to my court was really unfair. I never tell people what have you done, so why putting the blame on me?

I have been keeping my anger towards you because I know people make mistake and Allah is always there with me. But, you kept pushing me to the limit.
Why would I care even if you want to be with a STUPID MONKEY?
Babe, you have been lying, and bluffing to your friend…why bothers keeping this kind a pet?
Sendiri mau ingat la.
Tak cukup satu statement, another statement she gave.
“I think she doesn’t like it if I go to D’s house so frequent”
She refers to me.
D’s refer to a friend that we both know. S boyfriend is staying together with D. And I am close with D and his wife.
OMG! I can’t believe it that you are so poyo that I am f*cking care if you want to go there and meet your boyfriend every day.
These statements can only come out from a mouth of a person who is scared with his or her own shadow. I may forgive you since long time ago if you really do know how to repent and how to say sorry sincerely.
Hope, this would be your last time talking about me.


Baby Granite

Sometimes when I had the idea to write, and I was reading thru others blogs just making me feel that my story was not so good to tell pon. But, come to think of that again, its my journey. Maybe I do not know how to make it looks so nice to read. But, the content is there.

Well, I want to tell the stories of my baby granite here today. So, now I have own it for 5 years. I bought this when I undergone internship training at SONY (EMCS) Bangi. Well, my internship session back then was 8 months (supposedly). Began my journey there was on June 2009. This was during my 3rd year 2nd semester in UTP. Well, I was using my dad's car to go and back from SONY every day. For me, it’s not a good thing. This was because I might probably put them in trouble. Yes, my dad went to work by motorcycle. But, what if when my dad was on leave and they wanted to go here and there. In fact, we will have trouble when we need to go for a long distance journey. We need a new car!

So, to give more contingency to us, I decided to buy a new car. Yes! Exactly, how would you pay the loan because you yourself were still studying? To say the truth, the internship allowance given by SONY was only RM500. Including OT and working on public holidays...sometimes it can goes up to RM7++ or even RM8++. Put aside MARA scholarship, the figure enables me to pay the monthly instalment. But, where would I get the money to pay the down payment? And, what’s goanna happen when I went back to UTP for my final year, where would I get the money to pay the loan? And, how can I guarantee that after graduated, I will get a job straight away to pay the car loan?
There were so many things to consider.

1. Where would I get the money to pay the down payment?

Well, this was when I decided to work part time at Tropicana. It’s a boutique in Alamanda. To get OT (extra payment for extra work) from SONY, I had to start working from 6.15am in the morning and go back at 6.15pm. I was supposed to work from 8am - 5.30pm. But, I did follow the operators timing. Thus, I could get extra pay. It’s a 12hrs work. Then, after SONY, I had to rush to Alamanda for the part time job. There, I will start at 7pm - 10pm. Another 3hrs work. So, total working hours were 15hrs PER DAY. Not so many people would understand the pain, but with determination, I kept this going. I reached home every day at 11pm. This kind of routine had made me loss my appetite. This was due to exhausted & I felt very tired. Including how tough it was to survive in SONY. Well, another bright side was I manage to improve my communication skills by working at Tropicana. I was a shy and I barely talk to strangers. However, I manage to improve my communication skills. I able to talk to the unknown, and entertained the customers. Well, being at the frontline, it’s always about communication and confidence!

2. Where would I get the money to pay the monthly instalment after completed my internship training and I was back in UTP to complete my final year?

This was when the deal with Abah agreed upon. We agreed to do some exchange. Here’s the deal! During that time, Kak Cik was still in Matriculation Studies in Changlun, Kedah. So, the deal was, Abah would pay the monthly instalment (for 6 months) and I had to give some amount of money to Kak Cik as an exchange. The rest 6 months I will top up to Abah since she had graduated from the matriculation studies.

3. How could I guarantee that I will get a job immediately after graduated from UTP?

This was something beyond my control. However, I had to strive hard so that I would get a job immediately after graduated. Thus, after putting so much effort, in the end I manage to get a few offers. But, I chose Texas Instrument to start my career journey. Then, I was able to manage the monthly instalment by myself.
There’s no intention for me to feel riak or what by telling this stories. It is something that I want to put as part of my story and so I will remember this for the rest of my life. Thus, for those who are very lucky that they can get anything just like that and who are from a rich parents, you should be grateful that you don’t have to work hard just to get something.