Stupid Monkey

The previous post was actually being kept in the entry for quite long.  I don’t have the desire to complete it and publish. It was due to the busyness… and I don’t really feel like doing so. Well, it is now less than a month counting to the special day.

Well, I paid a visit to my former company last week. I met them purposely to invite them to my becoming big day. And I was not so happy when I heard the not so good story.
This is due to the eagerness in one of my colleague whom really can’t understand what had happen to me and the other colleague. Let put their initial so that it won’t confuse you throughout the entry.
The eager colleague: A
The other colleague: S

To speak the truth, it was a long story. And I seem to not able to reveal everything to A since this has relation to somebody’s dignity.
The not so good story I heard that, S being telling people that we were no longer in a good term because I seems do not agree with her relationship with her boyfriend. This is such a killing statement. FYI, I don’t give f*cking care with whom you want to be with!
To keep your fault to yourself (to look innocent) and throwing the ball to my court was really unfair. I never tell people what have you done, so why putting the blame on me?

I have been keeping my anger towards you because I know people make mistake and Allah is always there with me. But, you kept pushing me to the limit.
Why would I care even if you want to be with a STUPID MONKEY?
Babe, you have been lying, and bluffing to your friend…why bothers keeping this kind a pet?
Sendiri mau ingat la.
Tak cukup satu statement, another statement she gave.
“I think she doesn’t like it if I go to D’s house so frequent”
She refers to me.
D’s refer to a friend that we both know. S boyfriend is staying together with D. And I am close with D and his wife.
OMG! I can’t believe it that you are so poyo that I am f*cking care if you want to go there and meet your boyfriend every day.
These statements can only come out from a mouth of a person who is scared with his or her own shadow. I may forgive you since long time ago if you really do know how to repent and how to say sorry sincerely.
Hope, this would be your last time talking about me.



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