The Beginning of New Life

Another new chapter has begun. Last Saturday, we went to the house to clean it up. However, a lot of things need to clean up. I can’t imagine how the previous tenant could stay in this kind of condition. It was very dirty, dusty and disgusting. We almost took back our deposit. Well, the owner itself not that good in negotiating. We have to give quite a lot of effort to that house before moving in. In fact, we still have few things that we need to replace or repair.

On Sunday, we moved all the stuffs from Cheras (obviously my husband’s stuffs) and all the stuffs from Rawang (obviously my stuffs) into that house. It was 1 trip from Cheras, and two trips from Rawang. It was really tiring.

So, on the 4th March, we started staying in the house. We went there around 11.30pm after Abah had come back from work. We just could not start anything yet as it was already late and we were tired. Then, on the next day, we started to unpack and re-assemble some stuffs. I started with cleaning up the toilet again. I was not really satisfied even we have cleaned that up on last Saturday.

So, this is it. How our life in Shah Alam has now begun. We may not forget this for the rest of our life.


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