Tight Cashflow - How to make use of your house so that it will pay the rental by itself?

Right now, I am thinking...thinking...and thinking.

How to double up my income by not only relying on my current wages.

Well, we have the answer. Business. Sabda Nabi Muhammad s.a.w "9 dari 10 pintu rezeki itu adalah perdagangan".

My problem here is that, we don't really have the idea what to start with. What kinda business should we go for.

Brainstorming. Brainstorming.

Well, I guess from the subject itself people would understand why I need extra income.

It is normal for the newly wed who wanted to start up a new life and really fighting with the expensese over budget. Different case for those who is already have kinda saving since your are born (coz your parents have everything for you).

Dont get me wrong. I dont blame parents in this kinda situation. Different background, different kinda style.

So, I surf and surf and surf and came across with this page which kinda giving me few options.

Idea 1
Both ideas had quite similar things. Well, I know few steps in order to start this over with :-

1. Narrow down your target (ideas)
2. Study on your neighbourhood lifestyle - does it provide pool of attraction if you start over with this or that
3. Study on your capability - enggage with the requirement
4. Create a strategic marketing plan
5. Start with P&P (publication & promotion)
6. Random shoot - target on the potential customers
7. Maintain & Improvise

Theoretically, I know this can somehow work. But, when there is no risk taker, then no gain.

Back to the question, what kinda business??


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