Moving Out

It is nearly 6 months renting the house here in Seksyen 32, Shah Alam. We never thought that it would be this early. I thought there is still some time for us to stay, atleast after the confinement day. It was the first house that we have stayed together after getting married. Of course a lot of things had happened. Like how we really struggle these half a year.

Well, the house that we stayed now is a double-storey house with 3 rooms, and 4 bathrooms. Its not really a great house, but we are always grateful. Where else to get a house below than 1k this time around in Shah Alam. Itu pon dah ade org terkejut when I said the rent is 1k per month.

The landlord came to see us and told us that the house has been sold. An agent had helped them. The bank value of the house is actually only 220k approximately, but the agent manage to sell the house for 370k. Other than that, the buyer never come to really view the house. Which I believe, he has to do a lot of renovation if he is going to stay there.

Well, the landlord once offered to us the house with 400k. Memang tak lah aku nak beli kan! With that house condition, tengok pon tahu harga 200k plus. Tak logik langsung nak jual 400k. The new buyer is very odd, he did not even view the house.

Whatever it is, we have to move out by end of this month. Which is I believe this landlord is very cruel!

May not the same thing happen to their kids in the future.



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