First Trimester - Pregnancy Alert

It has been more than a week late for my menstruation. Which it is normally following to the schedule. I have downloaded an apps in my smart phone named Clue. It will show you your current cycle status. Easy & Straightforward to use.

Yes it was! It was one good news! I am pregnant! Wow, I can't believe it! Actually, I wasn't ready yet for this. It was terrific though. I do not know how to react to this news. After 2 weeks late for the period, we decided to get the pregnancy test and checked the result. and true it is! and I cried.

The symptom?

1. Period Cycle - Late
2. Overly emotional
3. Instinct

Everybody know about the period cycle. However, the change of weather, eating habit and also emotionally unstable (pressure) also can effect the period cycle. However, the "overly emotional" or being sensitive is something that was over the limit and hard to explain. During that time, I was overly sensitive even over something usual. I cried the whole week even on regular issue. I even cried when husband get home and did not lock the door straightaway when he entered the house. Which actually he can even do that later.

Well, this is "something" that i told just now. It is just something that you could not explain.

However, my first trimester is not that hard. I believe there are a lot more challenging to some other people. Morning sickness? Yes! It was uncontrollable. In fact, I will vomit not only in the morning. It could be in the afternoon or night. My gastric sort of coming back. I can't eat late, I can't eat too little or too much. and alot of other things happened. 

Different people, of course different experiences. 

Kerek Part 2

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So, dah abes bincang tu then she said the term & conditions. Bla-bla-bla....

Then, we asked her regarding the booking fee. We asked if we can pay RM200 for the booking fee. Well, we wanted to book the house, but she did not bring any receipt. Unless, kalau boleh transfer online, atleast kita ada prove of payment. And this lady pon takde bawak business card. Kalau kitaorg kene tipu tak ke nanya..dah la banyak lagi duit nak kene pakai. She made the surprise look! Okay, and her face drop. Pastu tetiba dy nak call off the deal dengan muka kerek nya.

Yang si advertiser tu try to discuss lagi. She said, "Madam, we are still in the negotiation stage. It is not that they can only pay RM200, they can pay more but they will transfer through online banking." We nodded, tanda setuju. Then, the landlord still bertegas, sorry the deal is off!

We were surprise but my Husband still wanted to know why. That landlord answered "Nothing, it is because of the second opinion. I actually share this house with my sister." Well, to us, we were not satisfied with the answer. So, my Husband asked again. Is it because of the booking fee? She answered yes, it is. So, to us, kalau kau taknak bagi sewa, takpelah, kitaorg 10 kali ganda taknak! Well, it is not that we dont have money. Kitaorg just rasa tak secure. Resit pon tak bawak. Pastu nk kitaorg bagi RM1000 just like that. Kau Gila!!

Well, at early stage we tried to explain that you lost nothing if we pay only RM200. Because for us, kalau dy tipu kitaorg, kitaorg lah yang rugi kan.

Well....the Deal is OFF. Kami pon taknak landlord yang kerek macam ni. Nasib baik dah tahu perangai dy awal.

the Deal is OFF!

Kerek Part 1

Tersebutlah kisah, kene cari rumah sewa!
Cari punya cari, macam-macam rumah dah view. Then, terjumpa satu rumah ni kat Bukit Rimau, Randa Apartment. When I first called the advertiser, and to set the appointment, the advertiser said, the house was actually not her house. It’s her friend’s house. From the conversation, I can tell that she is a very friendly lady. Thus, we set up an appointment to view the house.
Bila dah set up meeting, tetiba plak that girl tak dapat datang. And, she sent her mom to show us around. Okay, takpe, kami still cuba positive coz that auntie was a very nice lady. So, after viewed the house, we decided to rent the house and I gave that girl a call. It was a deal that we want to seal asap, as the time that we have from the current landlord is 3 weeks left. And so, she said she will set up an appointment together with the owner since she wants to know and speak to the future tenant. Sort of another stage is required in order to seal the deal. I was like…huh? 0.o
3 days later, we met at the Mc Donald Kota Kemuning, which is near to the apartment. Well, at first we had this questions mark in our head. Kenapa tak jumpa kat rumah tu je kan senang! It was on Wednesday evening. Promised time 7.30pm since it was a working day. When we arrived at the Mc Donald at 7.28pm that girl was already there waited for us and the owner (her friend). Oh ya, actually the true story was she (that girl) was the previous tenant of the house. That is why she was helping that owner looking for the new tenant. I am not sure about the whole story. Maybe there’s a deal between them. And so, we waited for the owner at the Mc Donald and she arrived there at 8.00pm. Well, well, well, we were surprised! When she arrived, took her seat and her first question to my husband was,” what is your occupation?”
Here goes the conversation;
My husband answered her calmly. “I am an engineer, and my wife also an engineer.”
The owner : Oh really? I am also an engineer. What type of engineer are you?
My Husband : I am a Firmware Engineer.
The Owner (with a confused face) : erm…what is that?
My Husband explained further and she still doesn’t get it.
The Owner : What is the company name?
My Husband : Devices World
The Owner : What did they do?
My Husband : iSCADA
The Owner : Oh ya, is it for oil & gas industry?
My Husband : No. Currently we are focusing on general industry.

The Owner made a face. And start to ask me questions as well. Well, don’t you guys think this is sort of “interview session”.? Kerek plak aku rase amoi ni.

Then, she started asking me questions, similar to the questions that she asked my husband. 
The Owner : Where do you work?
Me : I am working in a company which is doing the construction for oil & gas industry.
The Owner : Okay, what is the turn key project of the company?
Me : Huh? 0.o (I was surprised that she is asking me this kind of question actually).
The Owner : What are the projects of the year?
Me : Well, we did a lot. Lemongrass, LEKAS, Tembikai, and so on so on…..
The Owner : Actually I am also from Oil & Gas industry. What is your company name?
Me : Muhibbah

The Owner : (shocked and lean on the chair). Oh ! Muhibbah…I am from ABC (which I don’t really get her company name). Can I have your business card? (she’s asking us both). We are actually the valve supplier in Oil & Gas sector. Well, we did quote our product in F12 project.

Me : Oh well, I think we can keep the formal meeting at the office. You can come to the office and we talk about product.
The Owner : Actually I am a Purchasing Manger, I will ask my engineer to drop by Muhibbah.

Dalam hati aku cakap…tadi cakap dia ni engineer. Skang ni dah jadi Purchaser plak. Dishonesty spotted! Dah la kerek nak “interview” macam apa je.

Bla bla  bla…the conversation keep on going.

Then she said, regarding the house to be rented, actually I did not bring anything today. I did not bring the receipt or anything.
To be continued....