Kerek Part 2

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So, dah abes bincang tu then she said the term & conditions. Bla-bla-bla....

Then, we asked her regarding the booking fee. We asked if we can pay RM200 for the booking fee. Well, we wanted to book the house, but she did not bring any receipt. Unless, kalau boleh transfer online, atleast kita ada prove of payment. And this lady pon takde bawak business card. Kalau kitaorg kene tipu tak ke nanya..dah la banyak lagi duit nak kene pakai. She made the surprise look! Okay, and her face drop. Pastu tetiba dy nak call off the deal dengan muka kerek nya.

Yang si advertiser tu try to discuss lagi. She said, "Madam, we are still in the negotiation stage. It is not that they can only pay RM200, they can pay more but they will transfer through online banking." We nodded, tanda setuju. Then, the landlord still bertegas, sorry the deal is off!

We were surprise but my Husband still wanted to know why. That landlord answered "Nothing, it is because of the second opinion. I actually share this house with my sister." Well, to us, we were not satisfied with the answer. So, my Husband asked again. Is it because of the booking fee? She answered yes, it is. So, to us, kalau kau taknak bagi sewa, takpelah, kitaorg 10 kali ganda taknak! Well, it is not that we dont have money. Kitaorg just rasa tak secure. Resit pon tak bawak. Pastu nk kitaorg bagi RM1000 just like that. Kau Gila!!

Well, at early stage we tried to explain that you lost nothing if we pay only RM200. Because for us, kalau dy tipu kitaorg, kitaorg lah yang rugi kan.

Well....the Deal is OFF. Kami pon taknak landlord yang kerek macam ni. Nasib baik dah tahu perangai dy awal.

the Deal is OFF!


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