First Trimester - Pregnancy Alert

It has been more than a week late for my menstruation. Which it is normally following to the schedule. I have downloaded an apps in my smart phone named Clue. It will show you your current cycle status. Easy & Straightforward to use.

Yes it was! It was one good news! I am pregnant! Wow, I can't believe it! Actually, I wasn't ready yet for this. It was terrific though. I do not know how to react to this news. After 2 weeks late for the period, we decided to get the pregnancy test and checked the result. and true it is! and I cried.

The symptom?

1. Period Cycle - Late
2. Overly emotional
3. Instinct

Everybody know about the period cycle. However, the change of weather, eating habit and also emotionally unstable (pressure) also can effect the period cycle. However, the "overly emotional" or being sensitive is something that was over the limit and hard to explain. During that time, I was overly sensitive even over something usual. I cried the whole week even on regular issue. I even cried when husband get home and did not lock the door straightaway when he entered the house. Which actually he can even do that later.

Well, this is "something" that i told just now. It is just something that you could not explain.

However, my first trimester is not that hard. I believe there are a lot more challenging to some other people. Morning sickness? Yes! It was uncontrollable. In fact, I will vomit not only in the morning. It could be in the afternoon or night. My gastric sort of coming back. I can't eat late, I can't eat too little or too much. and alot of other things happened. 

Different people, of course different experiences. 


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