Mama pergi Site

Last week was quite a tragic week when Mama went for a site visit at east coast of Malaysia for 2 days 1 night. First, Lemongrass Project Site at Gebeng, then, Acid Plant, also at Gebeng, and then the next day was TGAST at Kerteh. OMG, memang cabaran. Nak kene keep up dengan pumping lagi. Others might not understand my situation unless she is also a fulltime breastfeed Mama. They don't really get the important of keeping up the EBM and so on. Alhamdulillah, Mama  managed to be creative and keep up with the process of pumping and keeping the EBM. Alhamdulillah Allah tolong Mama.

And, untuk dijadikan cerita, that night, lepas pumping process, Mama called Ayah to ask about Adam. Unfortunately, he was crying non-stop. Terus Mama letak fon. Dah tak sanggup nak dengar Adam nanges lelama. Usually, after get home from work, Mama and Adam will lie down in front of TV while breastfeeding him. And, that day, suddenly, he did not find Mama. Even, when Ayah brought him to the bedroom, he cried after noticing Mama was not there. Kesian Adam. Anak Mama sangat ni.

Thus, that night, sangatlah mencabar untuk Ayah. Ayah kata tak dapat tido pon. Sebab Adam nanges tak henti. Bila dy dah letih nanges, baru tertido. But, then bila terjaga balik, dy akan sambung nanges. Bila dah dahaga sangat baru dy minum susu. Kesian anak Mama. First time, berpisah dengan Mama.
Kesian jugak dekat Ayah sebab nak kene struggle ngn Adam. Takpe, Mama tahu Ayah Strong k.

Nampak tak panas dy tu. Mama tak boleh bukak mata and tak boleh senyum pon Adam.