I am Syafiqa Misran pursuing my degree in UTP. Taking Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Automotive. I have an extremely high enthusiastic interest in improving my life for the better future undertaking. I am now put a very hard work in turning my thinking into positive sides which would be the best way in neutralizing the negative environment. I believe. I have a very huge passion in learning almost everything. Willing to take any upcoming opportunity in any chances of driving me to a great and brighter future. 

This is my my personal blog where I can throw each of my thoughts and wish to come back here one day when the life require the turning back session. Learn from the mistakes and keep on improving! This blog is all about me and things that happen surround me. It can be good or even bad. I dont usually blew off my anger here even this blog kinda a boring. I dont like to troll by creating some argumentation that can catch all attentions. Well, I am a bad tempered tho. All the words planted here not even once intended to point to anybody. It is just me and my thought in my world. Which the world that I share with everybody that comes and go in my Life~ 

Enough with this crap talk. Anyone can scroll all over here and be part of my world! 


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